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August 09, 2013


When I watch Old Hollywood films or look at Vintage-themed 

photo spreads, I can’t help but get enamoured by the mystery and 

the nostalgia vintage cars present me with. There’s something sexy 

yet reserved about it. It has a sophistication that takes you back in 

time where everything is glitzy and glamorous. This timeless 

piece goes beyond the value of its age. Its beauty gives itself a life 

of its own, depicting an era of glamour and romance, telling us 

tales of love, freedom, and heartaches, too.

I really think vintage cars transcend its purpose as an old

automobile. It is a piece of art made useful or it’s something useful 

made into a piece of art or both. When Old Hollywood portrayed 

so many love scenes in these cars, they have immortalized a 

beauty, that now, stands on its own, romanticizing even the 

simplest moments captured with it.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

by VC