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December 30, 2011

Verbena Cottage: A Reflection of My Journey

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  It has been eight months since we started our online store.  Conceived from my passion of salvaged treasures and eclectic style and born from hard work and fierce determination, Verbena Cottage continues to evolve.

After three years of surviving cancer, I am grateful to have crossed miles of challenges that have grown with a positive attitude. Verbena Cottage has been my therapy to recovery.  I thank you for being part of my journey.  My success with Verbena Cottage has been in large part due to you, who have reached out to me via email and visited my website , followed me on Facebook and my blogs.  For those of you who supported me during local event sales in joining efforts with CCANN (Central California Association of Neonatal Nurses), I thank you for making it possible to fulfill my promises to give back to Breast Cancer and Diabetes Organizations, March of Dimes, and this month's event, Toys for Tots.

A new year comes and bigger goals are set, there are no true guarantees of what may become but true determination can fuel the torch to reach one's aspirations.  I am looking forward to a brighter new year with bigger dreams and meeting new friends along the way.  Wishing everyone a blessed 2012!


Mary Ann

I want to share with you some of the photos taken from the Christmas Boutique Sale with part of the proceeds went to Toys for Tots.

December 12, 2011

Cottage Holiday Tour

Every year I make a point visiting historical cottages to gain inspiration for Christmas decorating. I would call it my "jump start" for the holidays. There is one or more in every city where organizations put together a tour to raise funds for a cause.  This year I have visited Fresno High Heritage Tour.  The Gassaway residence is one of my favorites from the 2010 home tour.  I would like to share some photos from their 2010 gallery. You will find a collection of antique and vintage pieces fitted for a 1930's house and occupants with a modern lifestyle.  Amazingly beautiful!

please click on the photo for a magnified view

If you are eying the harlequin trays, shop HERE!

Happy Holidays!

Mary Ann